Hovawart breed

The hovawart is of origin a longhaired guardian. It is a versatile breed. Because of his origin he should be a confident dog, who is perfectly capable of defending. Further he has an excellent nose. So he is capable to do bitework as well as nosework. Of course there are several other sports you can choose with a hovawart.

A hovawart can be a good familydog. Of course you must always take his character in account. A hovawart should guard and protect your house, but when it is important to you that everyone can walk in anytime, it is not imaginary that your hovi has another idea about this. 

The hovawart has three colour varieties: blond, black and gold and black. The black and gold is the most wanted, because most people don't want their hovi called a retriever (nothing wrong with retrievers, but it is another type of dog). Of course this can't be the base for choosing a dog, colour. The most important is of course that your hovawart has an hovi character. You don't choose a dog purely on his exterior, do you?

In general an hovawart is a faithfull family member, who likes to join you. He really likes his own family. This doesn't mean, that he can't greet people you meet, friendly. Also with other dogs a hovawart is not a troublemaker, although there are also real macho hovawarts.

Would you like to know more about the hovawart, we would be happy to provide you with more information. Please, contact us. You are also more than welcome to join our activities and to meet the hovawart in person.