Aim of breeding

In general we want to improve and maintain the breed Hovawart. Surely you want to know how we intend to do this.

We want to breed the hovawart as it was meant to be. The hovawart is a versatile workingdog. So it is important that we maintain its characteristics or try to breed this characteristics in again. The hovawart should be a confident dog with average temperament. This means he should not be scared or insecure. The hovawart should also have a drive to protect like the breed standard nr. 190 of the FCI tells us. 

With the progeny test and the breeding test, in which we pay a lot attention to the original characteristics of the hovawart, we try to reach our goal. Besides character, we also think health is a very important issue. We only breed with dogs having an A hipscore. All dogs need to have an eyetest not older than one year. Specific requirements for our studdogs and broodbitches are defined in our breeding regulations and rules.

Of course we try to select our dogs and bitches. However breeding with perfect hovawarts is utopia and will reduce the gene pool. Reduction of the gene pool always gives a very high risk on trouble. To use as much genes as possible, we also use hovawarts from abroad.